Quercetti – Geoville


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All Quercetti’s games are designed to help children develop creativity and intuition while at play.

Creativity is essential for a child’s healthy development.  With Quercetti games children develop physical and mental abilities while also learning to problem solve.

With Quercetti games children play intelligently!

Geoville is a construction toy with an original interlocking system of walls, windows, arches, fences, trees, and little figures that fit into the grooves on the base to assemble different structures and build an enchanting neighbourhood with little houses, green backyards and fences. All components easily interlock in endless combinations.

Designing and building houses and village layouts helps children develop spatial awareness and symmetries and increases intuitive reasoning on volumes. The mirrored wall creates fun illusions with fascinating effects, and also magically multiplies images into the space to stimulate visual perception. Manipulation and mirror game allows children to discover and internalize more complex scientific concepts

Includes 60 pieces.

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