Quercetti FantaColor – Design


All Quercetti’s games are designed to help children develop creativity and intuition while at play.

Creativity is essential for a child’s healthy development.  With Quercetti games children develop physical and mental abilities while also learning to problem solve.

With Quercetti games children play intelligently!

Regular use of Quercetti peg toys provides an excellent workout for children’s hands.  It also has a beneficial effect on the brain, helping to improve language skills.

In other words, the more children play with pegs, the more their brains are exercised, making language learning easier and improving expression!

The new external frame becomes an additional play area that can be decorated with pegs.  The two large handles incorporated into the frame make it very easy to carry around the toy making it a perfect travel toy.

The pegboard locks firmly on top of the frame and all components are neatly and safely stored inside.

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