Playmobil Super 4 – Musical Flower Tower with Twinkle (6688)


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Has a music box feature, and leaf bandages.

Super 4 is an animated comedy adventure TV series that features a band of heroes who protect the inhabitants of the disparate worlds of Kingsland, the Enchanted Island, and the City of Technopolis, against calamities and enemies.

Super 4 is essentially a crossover story which combines disparate Playmobil toy worlds of fairies, pirates, medieval knights, scientists, robots, dinosaurs and aliens, by depicting them as inhabiting neighbouring islands in an amorphous ocean. The Super 4 are Ruby the pirate, Twinkle the fairy, Gene the scientist, and Alex the medieval prince, who along with Alien, an alien creature, are united in being exiles from their respective worlds who have banded together to have adventures, fight villains and save their worlds from calamities.

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