Orchard Toys – If you See a Crocodile…

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If you see a crocodile…don’t forget to scream!

An exciting colour board game that encourages turn taking and concentration skills.

A lively colour and counting game where players must row their character to safety to get away from the crocodile! Row your boat to the boat house by matching the colour spot dice to the colours on the game board, but watch out for the crocodiles who can stop you in your path!

Use this game to teach counting and colour matching skills in a fun way.

Contains 30 double-sided colour spot cards (5 each of 6 colours, with crocodiles or water splashes on the reverse), 6 finish spot cards, 4 characters, 4 character stands, a game board, a 3D boat house, a 3D boat, a colour spot dice and an instruction leaflet.

Educational Benefits:  Encourages colour recognition, develops number and counting skills, encourages observational skills and develops personal and social skills.



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