Orchard Toys – Counting Mountain


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Race to the summit in this exciting counting and addition game, which includes a 3D mountain!

Take turns to turn over two footprint cards, count the yeti footprints and move your climber up the mountain the same number of spaces. Children will enjoy hanging their climbers onto the 3D mountain.

However, watch out for the yetis! If you turn over a yeti card you must move backwards the number of footprints shown. If you turn over two yetis everyone moves backwards two spaces!

Contains a jigged game board, a two-part 3D mountain, 4 character playing pieces, 4 character stands, 1 summit piece, 10 footprint cards, 3 yeti cards and an instruction leaflet.

Educational benefits include encouraging discussion, developing numbers and counting skills, encouraging observation skills, and developing personal and social skills.

For 2 to 4 players, aged 4 to 8.

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