My Friend Cayla


Cayla can:

  • Talk and interact with you
  • Play games
  • Share photos
  • Read stories

When on-line, she can answer almost any question. Off-line, she can answer thousands of questions about herself.

Cayla’s app is programmed with a child-safe proprietary software called Violet.  Violet protects your child from any offensive or sensitive words or images.  It allows parents to add additional words or phrases that they want to prevent their children from hearing.

Cayla can answer virtually any question you may have.  From maths questions to everyday activities, Cayla can answer just about anything.

Cayla connects to her app via a Bluetooth with a range of 10 metres.

The My Friend Cayla app is supported by Apple iOS (version 7.1 and up) and Android (version 4.0.3 and up) on phones and tablets.

Cayla speaks different languages.


  • Pick a story and Cayla will read it to you.
  • Choose your favourite game and try to beat Cayla.

Pick a photo album and Cayla will tell you all about them.

Additional information