Makedo Freeplay – 65 Pieces (Kit for One)

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Open ended creativity

Makedo’s small set of award winning connectors turn cardboard boxes, paper cups, plastic bottles, lids and other household packaging into amazing recycled artworks with the Makedo Freeplay set of connectors.

Makedo’s Freeplay kit provides all the tools and reusable connectors to build your own masterpiece. Kit for One (this 65 piece kit) is the perfect introductory sized set with plenty of parts to make 3-4 smaller creations or one creation that is really big. You decide.

This kit includes a plastic safe-saw for punching holes in thick cardboard or plastic and cutting it down to size, and clever re-clips and lock-hinges that let you connect materials together quickly and easily. Makedo parts are reusable so next time create something totally different. And then do it all again.

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