Chalk and Chuckles Super Maths Spy


A game of secret missions, decoder glasses and lots of calculation!

To be a Super Math Spy these days, you can’t get by with a calculator. You have to be super quick in your mind!  It is a fun-filled math game that encourages children to make equations and go beyond “drill and practice” sums.

Every player is a spy, and your job is to be the first one to solve your mission cards.  Wear your decoder glasses and pick up the fingerprints with numbers (1-9) on them.  Make your own 3-4 step equation (using +, -, x and ÷) with the numbers that you pick up, to solve the mission card.

A die will tell you which operation (+, -, x and ÷) you must use as one part of the equation.  Use your strategy and problem solving skills to complete the equation. Be quick or other spies might solve it first.

Never the same, Super Math Spy is a game you’ll want to play over and over again.

Educational benefits:  Develops basic operations, problem solving and quick thinking.

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