Chalk and Chuckles Spell Cat


Spell Cat is an interactive activity center for learning spellings in a multi-sensory way.

Let your child choose a spelling picture word card and place the letter tiles in the correct sequence in the spelling tray. Study the word again and close the doors. Then write out the word on the chalkboard from memory. To check whether the spelt word is correct, lift the doors and match the letter tiles to the handwritten word. Start with 3 letter words and advance to 7 letter words.

A whole new way to learn spelling!

Spell Cat comes with a Cat and its food. Set up your own goal.
Number of words you learn = cat food.
With every correct word, grab tasty cat food and feed the cat. Make sure the Cat doesn’t go hungry!

Educational benefits:  Develops letter and word recognition, and encourages spelling and writing.

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