Chalk and Chuckles Seek Four

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A fun game for children, designed to help them learn to express their feelings in a playful way!
Seek emotion cards with creativity and lots of action and drama! Draw, act, express or tell stories that will help the others guess the expression card you are looking for.

When I am sad, I cry
When I am confident, I hold my head high
When I feel shy, I pull away
When I feel happy, I smile all day!

There are so many ways to show how I’m feeling – acting, drawing or talking.  Its all a game about expressing and guessing!

Seek 4 cards of either the same emotions or 4 cards with different emotions. You will never get bored seeking! Be the first to make a set of emotions.

Educational benefits:  Encourages verbal and non-verbal expression of emotions, self expression and confidence, develops auditory memory, and encourages listening and communication.

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