Chalk and Chuckles Monkey Expressions

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This lovable puzzle helps children identify and express emotions – happy, sad, angry, surprise and fear. A discovery tool with a twist that helps children show what they are feeling and understand why.

A pre-school skill builder that grows with your child.

Level 1 Copy – Encourage your child to use the puzzle pieces to copy and name the expressions on the monkey. See the monkey feeling ‘Sad, Mad or Glad!’

Level 2 Recall – Name the feeling. E.g. “Scared” and ask your child to create that expression on the monkey without reference pictures.

Level 3 Connect – Place a situation thought bubble over the monkey’s head. See what is happening and ask the child to identify the feeling. Name the feeling and make that expression on the monkey.

Be totally creative in your play.  Ask your child to think about what he or she is feeling and express it on the monkey and make the same expression. Talk about it and make great stories!

Educational benefits:  Develops fine motor skills, encourages oral expression, and develops emotional identification,
self-expression & confidence.

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