Adventurous African Safari


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Enjoy this exciting and highly educational safari with the whole family.

Take your family on an “out of Africa safari”.

The game entails players being “Tourists” and undertaking an exhilarating safari through Southern Africa in their own 4×4 open army Jeep vehicles, visiting existing reputable 4-5 star Game Reserves and Popular Tourist Destinations.  This is all totally controlled and managed by a player who will be appointed “The Game Ranger” for the game.

The “Tourist” objective will be to enjoy themselves thoroughly on this thrilling adventure safari  However, as the safari lasts approximately 30 days, they must also ensure that this safari furnishes them with an income to pay all the safari expenses incurred.  This income will be made from “Renting” as many Game Reserves that they can afford, and charging the other “Tourist” accommodation costs for overnight stays and for their facilities enjoyed.

Lots of activities to take part in, and to win.

Played by 2 – 4 players, or in 2 teams.

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